A Green Rooftop System For Commercial Buildings With Superior Energy Efficiency

ORCO has all your paving needs covered with Concrete slabs, IPE wood Tiles, Porcelain pavers, and Bison pedestal systems. Most building departments possess little expertise related to roof systems. Designers should therefore not rely upon the building department to discover non-code compliance during their plan review. Also, most building department’s inspectors do not inspect the roof system. Those departments that do inspect the roof likely possess insufficient knowledge of all of the systems that they could encounter.

If cellulose is specified, specify a product that has been treated for mold and fire resistance. When specifying roof assemblies, designers have many materials from which to choose. This section provides a brief overview of the primary roof deck, air barrier, vapor retarder, insulation, and roof covering materials used in the U.S. For further information on these materials, refer to The NRCA Roofing Manual .

Available in various configurations, Trane rooftop systems are designed to provide efficient single or multi-zone heating, cooling and ventilation. Watering may be down via an irrigation system, but if your installer used sedum cuttings it may need to be hand watered gently for the first few weeks. After the roof matures you’ll find it is much easier to care for, especially if it was designed and planted for your specific region. Aside from watering you will also want your groundskeeper to keep up on weeding, removal and control of insect pests, removal of debris, and deadheading certain flowers. Most of this is already common sense for gardeners, but with a green roof the landscaper will also need to know how to properly check moisture levels and how to check the irrigation system of the roof.

Therefore, the RoofSafe® Cable System has the same level of quality as other fall protection systems for less money. Dampers and controls allow for outside air to be used for cooling when outdoor temperatures are moderate. A rooftop photovoltaic power station (either on-grid or off-grid) can be used in conjunction with other power components like diesel generators, wind turbines, batteries etc. These solar hybrid power systems may be capable of providing a continuous source of power. Due to economies of scale, industrial-sized ground-mounted solar systems produce power at half the cost (2c/kWh) of small roof-mounted systems (4c/kWh).

SPF insulation is available as closed cell or open cell in varying levels of vapor permeability so coordination with the primary roof covering is required to prevent moisture problems. Refer to the SPF roofing section below for additional information on its use as a primary roof covering. It is imperative to identify all of the criteria and required performance characteristics early in the design process.

A packaged rooftop system can provide remarkable, reliable heating and cooling for your Dallas commercial location. Explore MBCI’s vast selection of color choices for metal roofing and siding panels. Find out how Steven Poorman used MBCI’s metal roof panels on his dream home to achieve his desired aesthetic, durability and cost saving goals. Discover how Benny’s Transmission reinforced the integrity of their roofing system by upgrading their roof with MBCI’s Retro-R® metal panels. Mechanical fasteners play a key role in the long-term performance, durability and efficacy of a metal roof or wall project.

Explosion-proof Rooftop Packaged Unit

If the top layer of gravel needs to be replaced or replenished, consult a roofing professional for proper application over the surface of the roofing material. To help see where any water might be collecting, clean any debris from the flat roof surface, including sweeping or gathering fallen leaves or branches and clearing any loose debris or gravel that may block drainage holes. In normal circumstances, wait until 48 hours after a rainfall to clean and inspect the roof.

Not only will our company owner be on-site for your roofing project, we hold factory-trained certification from Conklin Company to ensure quality workmanship. Spray-in-place polyurethane foam and coatings have been proven since the 1970s as a quality roofing system when installed correctly. Flat roofing like EPDM, TPO, PVC, rubber BUR and other types can often be restored to like-new with one of our restoration systems. The Rooftop Support Systems division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc. manufactures roof supports that save time and money while providing roof maintenance workers with safe access to rooftop equipment. SunPower said in June it would it would offer solar systems with battery storage to 300 New York homeowners in what would serve as a “virtual power plant” to utility Con Edison.

Once the heat from the air is sucked up by the refrigerant, cooler air is passed via the ductwork by the evaporator fan to the rooms within the building. They come as a package and since it comes readily assembled from the factory, they can be easily installed to building ductwork . As we look to the future, roofs in urban areas will most definitely become a major part of the storm-water solution, and blue-roof technologies will evolve to become a common practice. Noise bounces off surfaces like concrete and brick, creating loud places to live and work. Covering these hard walls and roofs with vegetation dampens sound significantly.

When you want to add a metal curved roof or fascia to your design, whether the arched roof will be installed over a solid deck or open framing, MBCI has a panel that fits the application. As testament to our rigorous testing, MBCI leads the industry in UL 90 ratings for curved roof panels. nVent products shall be installed and used only as indicated in nVent’s product instruction sheets and training materials. Instruction sheets are available at and from your nVent customer service representative. With 16” metal roof panels made from 24-gauge steel, plus a wide range of Butler-Cote™ and cool roof color options, the VSR II™ system offers a unique and sleek design matched with enhanced energy efficiency and durability. Our VSR II™ architectural roof system pairs unmatched aesthetic appeal with superior performance to provide a flexible and versatile solution for a variety of projects.

Semi-intensive green roofs are a great compromise if you wish for a more insulated green roof, but don’t want to go with an intensive system. Semi-intensive roofs are 6″ to 10″ deep and may also have a reservoir layer, though this often is a choice contractors will make on an individual basis. Semi-intensive green roofs are the second most common type, but naturally offer greater advantages and more versatility if you plan on planting your roof with larger greenery. Perhaps not an advantage for a residential home, commercial buildings with a green roof can be a huge morale boost for office settings. While a typical roof is hardly a space to relax, a green roof can have seating added to it and become accessible to building tenants. Adding more vegetation in an urban setting has a number of benefits on it’s own, let alone as a quiet, recreational place for people.

Although there are difficulties and limitations with the LCC approach, economic decisions based on LCC are preferable to those that only consider initial system cost. ASTM E 917, Standard Practice for Measuring Life-Cycle Costs of Buildings and Building Systems provides further information on LCC. The later costs of repair are usually enormous relative to, and in comparison to, first-cost investment difference for the highest quality roof. If a system with a field-applied coating were to be specified, periodic re-coating would be required throughout the roof’s life. If re-coating is not performed, the roof’s service life and or other properties such as fire resistance will be reduced.

Our “mats” can be placed under asphalt shingles, synthetic slate and shake, and both standing seam and pro-panel roofing, giving you the continuous look to the roof edge. Our heaters have a 3M self adhesive backing, and in one picture, the installer is using a heat gun on a cold day to help adhere the heater. The first consideration when designing a vegetative roof system is what type will meet your expectations.

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