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Book value represents the value arrived at by subtracting the total liabilities from the total assets of the company. On dividing this value with the total number of shares outstanding for the company, we can arrive at book value per share. Able to work under loads of up to 10 MPa, and speeds up to 8 m/s. Wayne Scraba is a diehard car guy and regular contributor to OnAllCylinders. He’s owned his own speed shop, built race cars, street rods, and custom motorcycles, and restored muscle cars. He’s authored five how-to books and written over 4,500 tech articles that have appeared in sixty different high performance automotive, motorcycle and aviation magazines worldwide. our customers have made us one of the most successful rubber auto parts supplier in China.

We have a design team and a marketing plan design Team to service our customers for this. Worn bushings can lead to improper tracking and poor stability which affects the handling of your vehicle. It can be used with flexible shafts, and is often used as medium and small power internal combustion engine bearings, train engine bearings, air compressor sleeves, etc. The standard thickness of the alloy layer is 0.25mm-0.3mm, and the alloy layer of any non-standard thickness can also be sintered according to customer requirements. There are four types of copper layers and ALSn20Cu high tin aluminum alloy layers. The products have been widely used in automobile engines, chassis, motorcycle clutches, gear pump wipers and lifting equipment. PTFE/Pb mixture 0.01~0.03mm as sliding layer, provides an excellent initial transfer film, which effectively coats the mating surface of the bearing assembly, forming homogeneous oxide type solid lubricant film.

which means that the company has low proportion of debt in its capital. Currently we do not have any Presentation and Concall related to this company. The company might not be able to sustain any adverse condition. The company seems highly inefficient in case of asset management. Once receive your question, the supplier will answer you as soon as possible. Products with this tag will be sent out within 15 days after you place an order. For the specific sending time and delivery date, please consult the supplier.

Guide Bushing

This is provided by silicon particles in the bearing which continuously polish the crankshaft surface and prevent seizure. If you have any enquiry about quotation or cooperation, please feel free to email us at or use the following enquiry form. In the next years, we will strive for our company′s trade on the right track, rich experience in export can trully international standard. Submit a Buying Request to get quotations for similar products instead. Ayer, Ö., “Material flow analysis of bimetallic hollow disc upsetting,” 6th International Conference on Trends in Agricultural Engineering, September 2016, Prague, pp. 38-43. Politis, D. J., et al., “Investigation of material flow in forging bi-metal components,” Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Metal Forming, January 2012, pp. . Plancak, M., et al., “Compression of bimetallic components-analytical and experimental investigation,” Annals of the Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara, Vol. Higher heating rates of steel after this point can be explained by lower thermal conduction from steel to aluminum due to increasing gap size between steel and aluminum parts. This effect should be considered by modeling of the heating process.

Unfortunately, the load capacity of a soft overlay is strongly dependent upon its thickness. The overlay thickness is a compromise between the strength and the anti-friction properties. Nanchang Ganjiang Bush Factory is proud to provide premium quality OEM grade auto parts for over 20 years. Founded in 1998 by Mr.Wang, which has almost 40 years experience on rubber bush design and production, GJ BUSH has worked very hard towards becoming a recognized leader in supplying suspension rubber parts and bimetal bushings. CLEVITE® TriMetal™ engine bearings have been the industry standard since the first patent on the cast, copper, lead composition decades ago. The success and notoriety CLEVITE has earned on the race track proves the commitment to excellence maintained by all who contribute to the CLEVITE brand. This track success provides CLEVITE the ultimate proving ground for technologies that yield results in all passenger car and light vehicle applications. Bimetal Bearings Limited is engaged in the manufacture and sale of engine bearings, bushings, thrust washers, alloy powder and bimetallic strips. We are known as one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of high quality reverse gear bushing.

Choose the Make and Model of your vehicle to obtain the bushing chart for you to make the proper selection for your application. or just used on a daily basis the leaf spring bushings become stressed. In the high sliding performance, it has particularly good self-lubricating performance in the absence of lubricating medium and water as the medium. Low-carbon steel backing 0.7~2.3mm, provides fundamental structural support and gives exceptionally high load carrying capacity, excellent heat dissipation. Thus, the task of the sliding bearing material is to produce as little friction as possible in relation to the sliding partner, to absorb impact, to be insensitive to dirt, not to wear, and to be as cheap as possible. In contrast to rolling bearings, there is no rolling motion, but sliding motion. with oil grease, hard steel back can provide good support on the whole bearing and cut down the cost.

Carl, I am freshening up a twin turbo Mazda/Ford short block for a customer right now. We used King race bearings when we built it because Clevite does not have anything. I started checking clearances Friday and they were about .0005 looser than what I had recorded when we built it ???? So out comes the ball mike and guess what, the new bearings are actually about .0002 “thinner” than the original ones that had been in the engine for a season I have had to go through this with King before. They ask you to look at the two letter code on the bearings and they will tell you exactly how thick they are. Then they ask you what you want and tell you which letter code you need . Then you have to go through the hassle of returning them and getting what you really need. I will let you know what they look like after 3 races from last year. The one thing I noticed with them was metal flakes in my oil so I am not going to run it again until I pull the lower end down for inspection.

Removed from the high-stressed regions, lightweight materials with high toughness, ductility, and breaking resistance such as aluminum can be used for reducing the total weight of the part. The coaxially arranged bi-metal workpieces were designed in accordance with the stress conditions operating in the final parts. In this study, two concentric cylinders were joined together by shrink fitting and subsequently formed to the final geometry. The models of investigated bi-metal workpieces and bearing bushings are presented in Fig. The wear resistance of steel backed bronze in addition to solid lubricants is a good solution for a lasting lubrication source throughout the bushing operation life, that will achieve a self-lubricating film. With the combination of heavy load, impact resistance metals and low friction factor of these self-lubricating features, this bushing product range is good for the various working conditions. To get more information on each of the bi-metallic, PTFE, Graphited solid lubrication bushing and sliding bearing features visit the links below or contact our sale team.

Steel, brass alloy, molybdenum, sintered alloy and cast iron materials used. Available in various sizes with -40 degrees F to +752 degrees F service temperature. Features include self-lubricating, reciprocating motions, oscillation, prevents stick slip and squeak noises, injection-molded, chemical, load, wear and corrosion resistance. WZB-800 bimetal bearing is made of steel sintered with CuPb10Sn10 or CuSn6Zn6Pb3 as a lining layer.This type of bushing show its best performance among bushings made of Cu-lead alloy material in this product range. The current study deals with manufacturing of a bearing bushing consisting of steel 20MnCr5 on the internal diameter and aluminum AA-6082 on the external diameter. The inner rolling surface is exposed to high stresses due to bearing balls and requires an application of high performance and wear resistant material such as steel.

Bimetallic bushings with SAE1010 steel shell and sintered bronze / aluminium alloy lining. We are the eminent and renowned manufacturers of spring leaf bushes and Shackle Bushes and Spring Bushes products. The manufacturing of these tools is being done in the latest updated and sophisticated manufacturing industry. Our products are the best acclaimed products in the market due to their durability and high strength. Apart from this, we offer these bushes of premium quality at reasonable rates. Politis, et al. presented compound forging of gears made of dissimilar material combinations utilizing steel or copper on the outer diameter and aluminum, copper, or lead for the inner core . Äyer used a numerical and experimental approach for upsetting bi-metallic hollow cylinders made of copper and aluminum in order to investigate the material flow behavior during the forming . A similar research work was carried out by Misirli et al. on bi-metal workpieces consisting of a steel outer ring and brass or copper inner cylinder . Kong et al. investigated manufacturing steel-aluminum compounds (AISI 316L/6063) by forge welding with various process parameters including temperature, amount of diameter, and forging speed. It was established that the forming temperature has the most decisive influence on the resulting quality and the tensile strength of the joint .

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